Demarking with high-pressure water

Since the removal of markings is a totally different process to the removal of rubber deposits, we have developed specific cleaning equipment for this in line with our specifications. The cleaning unit has a maximum working width of 0.70 m. The cleaning performance on asphalt and concrete surfaces is at a least 75-150 m² per hour net per vehicle, depending on the thickness of the marking. The performance in terms of square meters can also be increased here depending on the number of vehicles used.

Technical Description

Removal of markings (thick and thin) with high-pressure water from the asphalt and concrete surfaces of runways and flight lines.

The hydraulically-driven nozzle bar is fitted with round jet nozzles, which ensures that markings are completely removed without damaging the underlying surface. Our specially designed suction system reliably collects all the water and paint debris, allowing new markings to be applied quickly and without unnecessary waiting times. If becomes necessary to interrupt the operation, the working area can be cleared within a few minutes without leaving any deposits.

Expansion joints and groovings are not damaged by the removal of markings, and lighting is circumvented. Only water is used, without chemical additives of any kind. Marking removal work is carried out using our special, hydrostatically-driven, combined tank and suction vehicles, which ensures that our vehicles can operate without interruption and that the water contaminated with paint residues is safely cleaned by the water treatment unit. Further information on water treatment can be found on the „Water treatment – environmental protection„ pages.

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