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The removal of rubber deposits at airports became an increasing problem since the early 80s. Conventional methods (chemical and mechanical) proved ineffective, and a non-disruptive alternative was necessary to ensure continued aviation safety. The original idea of using high-pressure water jets to remove rubber deposits without damaging the surface was the starting point for the successful history of Strate Wasserhochdrucktechnik GmbH.

The difference between our company and other companies, as is so often the case, is the attention to detail. From the outset we developed our own special vehicles, and we build, maintain and operate them ourselves.
To ensure that the quality of our services remains consistently high, only quality components „Made in Germany” are used in our equipment. This is reflected in our order book. On average, the BGS Strate equipment removes 1.5 million square meters of rubber deposits every year from airports throughout Europe and the Middle East. The continuously increasing number of aircraft movements means that time has become a precious commodity for airports.
Not only is our technology non-damaging and effective, our service is fast and reliable, offering you a performance per square meter which is unparalleled in Europe.

Efficiency, reliability and expertise

  • 30 years of experience with water blasting technology, 28 of which are at airports all over Europe.
  • Lights, expansion joints, groovings and markings are not damaged.
  • Utilizing nozzle angles and pressure, virtually 100% of the rubber deposits are removed without damaging the runway surface. A High reliability of our machinery thanks to the use of quality components „Made in Germany„.
  • Work can be carried out during aircraft operations – the runway can be cleared and brought back into operation within a few minutes .
  • Our system can be used on all surfaces, e.g. asphalt, concrete, anti-skid coatings. Possehl Spezialbau only provides a warranty for its surface coatings if they are cleaned with Strate-Wasserhochdrucktechnik e.K. systems.
  • Excellently trained personnel with years of company experience. Our staff build, maintain and operate the equipment thereby ensuring constant development of our engineering and working procedures.
  • High performance in terms of square meters (up to 12,500 m² per hour), depending on the number of vehicles.


  • Non-damaging cleaning processes that employ the fan jet nozzles specially developed for us substantially reduce your runway repair and maintenance costs in the long term.
  • Very good friction values after cleaning, and extended cleaning intervals as a result.
  • Reasonable acquisition and maintenance costs, standing costs and staff costs.
  • Extremely low disposal costs for the airport, as all the waste water produced by the process is treated and separated from the rubber. Only pure rubber is left over for disposal.
  • Fast, reliable job performance means there are no long periods when the runway is blocked.Efficiency, reliability and expertise Profitability


  • First-class water treatment, confirmed by a large number of independent laboratories, e.g. the IFU Institute in Heitersheim.
  • Lower water consumption (water consumption/square meter performance).
  • No chemicals used.
  • Waste water reliably sucked up, no residue on the cleaned surface.

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Our Philosophy

Founded by Reinhard Strate in 1981, Strate Wasserhochdrucktechnik e. K can look back on a 30-year history of sustained, successful growth. The continuous development and growth of the company results not least from consistent implementation of company founder Reinhard Strate’s philosophy, which is based on the conviction that a business in our industry can only grow and develop if it constantly implements technical progress without losing sight of ecological aspects. We achieve maximum efficiency with non-damaging processes that cause minimum disruption to flight operations.

Another significant factor is our competent, well-trained and reliable staff, who operate at the highest technical level with total commitment and whose dedication and enthusiasm are also reflected in their long service at the company.
For us, the term „service„ is more than just a slogan. Our overriding aim is long-term customer satisfaction. This is why we offer our customers not just a wide variety of services, but also the direct benefits of our thirty years of experience. Designing and delivering a specific cleaning concept matched to your requirements, based on a precise analysis of the nature of the runway, is only possible with the necessary know-how and the right machinery – and we have both!

Outside Germany we are represented by competent and serious partners; our success is mirrored in the large number of references from satisfied customers in 16 European countries and a number of countries in the Middle East.

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