WCS 6000 – mobile water treatment system (water cleaning system)

The “WCS 6000” is the innovative new development in the field of water treatment. The mobile water treatment system can be used in a flexible manner, making it ideal for the highly efficient and responsible working with water.

Treatment can be done on the go, quickly and reliably using the “WCS 6000”. Environmental protection is 100% fulfilled by processing the accumulated, contaminated wastewater. Contaminated water is processed in a 4-phase model using the special water purification and treatment system. By using different filtration processes, water is completely purified and can be returned directly to the consumer.

WCS 6000 - mobile water treatment system

The three-stage process of water treatment:

  1. In the first stage, the contaminated water is separated from coarse solids.
  2. In the second stage of water treatment, the suspended matter in the water is bound and separated.
  3. In the third stage, the purified water can be finely filtered again to remove suspended matter up to 1 μ. The remaining sludge then passes to the special waste disposal.

The “WCS 6000” is suitable for:

  • industrial cleaning
  • oil spill removal
  • facade cleaning
  • rubber abrasion removal
  • demarcation
  • and many more applications.

Technical specifications:

  • Water treatment per hour 6000 liters
  • Capacity 7500 liters
  • 4-stage filtration system
  • Integrated process water cooling


We are happy to advise you in detail about other applications, technology and costs. On request, we also offer a detailed demonstration. Arrange your personal consultation now. Contact us or use our contact form. We will get back to you very soon.

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