Water treatment

Almost 100% of the contaminated waste water produced during the work operations (removal of rubber deposits and markings, and apron cleaning) is sucked directly out of the work unit using a vacuum system developed by us. It is then pumped to the special tank and suction vehicle and routed to a container so that the solids can settle.

Water is our most precious commodity, so environmental protection is very important to us. BGS Strate Wasserhochdruck GmbH uses the latest water treatment processes. By using different filtration methods together with flocculants and precipitants, we obtain outstanding results and the water is clean enough to discharge into the sewage system. Large numbers of analyses from well-known airports confirm this.

The samples shown here illustrate the three-stage water treatment process. In the first stage, the contaminated water is separated from the coarse solids. This takes place in the vacuum/pressure vehicle specially developed for us. In the second phase, the suspended matter in the water is bound using flocculants and precipitants, and sedimentation is initiated. This process takes place in watertight containers of between 5 and 11 m³ in size. In the third stage of the water treatment, the cleaned water is passed through a fine filter to remove suspended matter as small as 1μ. The sludge left in the containers is then disposed of using specialist methods.