Apron & Airfield cleaning

Our high-pressure water blasting vehicle is powered by a hydrostatic-drive and equipped with a 450 kW pump which has a delivery of 90 l/min at a variable pressure of between 1,000 and 2,800 bar.  Depending on the pollution of the surface, water consumption ranges from approximately two to four liters per square meter. The working width of the vehicle is 1.75 m. At the customer‘s request this can be increased up to 9 m, in which case correspondingly more vehicles are used. This has the advantage of providing outstandingly high performance in terms of square meters per hour (up to 12,500 m²), which results in fast job times. We only use fan jet nozzles for cleaning aprons & airfields, which ensures that the cleaned surface is absolutely undamaged and its texture preserved. Paint markings can therefore be safely included in the cleaning operation, and are restored to their original color brightness.

The costs of reapplying apron markings that have become illegible due to dirt can be substantially reduced by regular cleaning, competently and reliably performed by BGS Strate Wasserhochdruck GmbH.